2 Contractor Marketing Styles – Which One Is Best?

contractor marketing strategies

Good morning builders and remodelers.Today I want to talk about growing your business. Specifically I want to talk to you about the two different styles of marketing.Now the chances are at some point in your life, you've probably experienced people trying these two … Continue reading >>

How To Prepare For A Happy New Year

How do you feel after Christmas is over? Let down? Worn out? Revived? Chubby? Overwhelmed?For me, the week after Christmas is always reflective, and anticipative. I feel like the year is winding down, and It’s almost time to begin the new year.We all know the old … Continue reading >>

Ultimate Contractor Marketing Quick Start Guide

This contractor marketing quick start guide will show you how to build your online presence in less than 21 hours even if you have no experience or web design skills.I've created this free guide to give you the answers to the following important questions and challenges … Continue reading >>

21 Contractor Apps You Can’t Live Without

I asked a ton of contractors what their favorite apps are.As a residential contractor, you already know there are an endless number of tools you need on the job site. But remember to keep your virtual toolbox well stocked too.I've boiled my research down to these 21 … Continue reading >>

Contractor Marketing Strategies for 2016

Hey, guys, in this post we are going to be looking at online marketing strategies for 2016. Please stick with me through to the end.I'm going to give you 12 ways to build your online presence this year. I've broken this post up into free strategies and paid … Continue reading >>

Contractor Checklist – 21 Questions a Homeowner Has For You

Question: Why should you as a contractor build your online presence?Answer: To help answer your prospects questions.You see... your ideal clients are looking you up online before they pick up the phone to give you a call.Let's assume that your ideal client gets your … Continue reading >>