How To Get A Five Star Online Reputation

As a contractor in the twenty-first century, your reputation is more accessible than ever. With a couple clicks of the mouse and a Google search for your business, potential clients form instant first impressions based on your available online presence. These first impressions … Continue reading >>

Stop Following The Masses!

When it comes to growing your online presence and building your personal brand, there's a couple of different ways you can do it. One, you can just follow the masses. Just do what everybody else is doing without giving any thought to it, even it means jumping off of a … Continue reading >>

Instagram Stories Marketing Tip – Repurpose 1 Video In Multiple Places

I have a friend on Instagram who just asked a great question on his Instagram story today. And It revolves around the question of "Why would I create videos or Instagram stories giving away valuable tips if they're just going to disappear in 24 hours." Here's an idea that I … Continue reading >>

Contractor Branding Case Study – Get 2-3 Leads Per Week!

contractor branding

Contractor Branding Case Study - How To Get 2-3 Leads Per Week Online In today's world of online marketing and personal branding, every contractor just like you  - whether you're in design, remodeling, or new home building - needs to properly build your online presence to get … Continue reading >>

2 Contractor Marketing Styles – Which One Is Best?

contractor marketing strategies

Good morning builders and remodelers. Today I want to talk about growing your business. Specifically I want to talk to you about the two different styles of marketing. Now the chances are at some point in your life, you've probably experienced people trying these two … Continue reading >>

How To Prepare For A Happy New Year

How do you feel after Christmas is over? Let down? Worn out? Revived? Chubby? Overwhelmed? For me, the week after Christmas is always reflective, and anticipative. I feel like the year is winding down, and It’s almost time to begin the new year. We all know the old … Continue reading >>