Here’s Why You Should Build Your Online Presence

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For decades, contractors have relied on word of mouth to generate new clientele. Today, a new generation of homeowners reaches for smartphones when looking for a service. A solid, attractive online presence will enable you as a contractor to be there for them.  Websites, review … Continue reading >>

Online Reputation Habits For Contractors

If you are a contractor trying your best to improve your online reputation, you can use the following tactics to increase the rate of reviews you get. Many contractors all over the world struggle when it comes to generating a positive image of their company online. Despite … Continue reading >>

Top Social Media Tools List For Contractors

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Running social media marketing becomes infinitely easier when you find the right social media tools to do most of the work for you. There are countless platforms out there designed to help contractors save time while adding more power and control. We sifted through the … Continue reading >>

Social Media Marketing Secrets Most Contractors Miss

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Social media marketing sounds simple enough to most contractors, but they need to recognize the difference between personal social media use and professional use. Think about it like this: if you make a good pot of coffee to serve your family, then that’s something you can … Continue reading >>

How To Get A Five Star Online Reputation

As a contractor in the twenty-first century, your reputation is more accessible than ever. With a couple clicks of the mouse and a Google search for your business, potential clients form instant first impressions based on your available online presence. These first impressions … Continue reading >>

Stop Following The Masses!

When it comes to growing your online presence and building your personal brand, there's a couple of different ways you can do it. One, you can just follow the masses. Just do what everybody else is doing without giving any thought to it, even it means jumping off of a … Continue reading >>