Contractors, Get Online Now!

It’s 2018! Times have changed, and with the times, the tools have changed as well. Nail guns have replaced hammers on large projects. Screwdrivers and hand-saws have been exchanged for cordless drills and jig saws. While the methods of contractors building have changed, … Continue reading >>

5 Contractor Marketing Hard Truths You Don’t Want to Hear


We hope you’re sitting down, because we have something important to tell about contractor marketing hard truths that may be hard for you to hear. Actually, we have five important things to say, and they’re all going to be bitter pills to swallow. But facing these contractor … Continue reading >>

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile


My question for you is, have you ever taken the time to determine who your company’s Ideal Customer is? In other words, the people your company is tailor-made to serve in order to create the best client/contractor relationships? Maybe you haven’t; it’s tricky to define the … Continue reading >>

Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Reach as a Contractor


Today, social media is important to your contracting marketing scheme. There are many options and platforms; the one we will talk about today is how LinkedIn to expand your reach. Maybe you feel that LinkedIn is no longer a viable social media platform. Nothing could be … Continue reading >>

How To Get Google to Pay Attention to Your Website


In this article we are going to look at the basics of SEO, and why Google ranks some websites but not others. And more importantly, how to get Google to pay attention to your website by knowing the Google ranking factors. A website is essential to running a successful … Continue reading >>

5 Reasons to Redo Your Contractor Website in 2018

As a contractor, your online presence is crucial to attracting the right customers to your company. One of the most essential parts of your online presence is your contractor website. Today, some will tell you that you need to be focusing only on social media. While social … Continue reading >>