Seven Important Pages for Your Contractor Website

By 2018, all contractors should have their own website. It’s your company’s home base. It’s the place to feature your best work and best reviews, and, most importantly, it’s a way to give potential customers the means to connect with you after getting to know you. But what’s … Continue reading >>

Why You Should Have a Scrolling Homepage

At my company, we build our clients’ contractor websites with long, scrolling homepages. Someone recently wondered if that was a bit cumbersome. In this article, I would like to address this issue and talk about why I believe that a scrolling homepage is the best way to build … Continue reading >>

Why You Need a “Meet the Owner” Page on Your Website

Not too long ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of one of the new websites we just launched for a contractor client. Down in the comment section, one of my clients saw the post and said, “Very nice job again. Keep it up. Keep pushing people to write a great bio too. I’ve … Continue reading >>

Contractor Website Security – How to Avoid Getting Hacked

There’s nothing more unsettling than waking up in the morning to find your contracting website security has been hacked; It’s alarming to see your website directing readers to inappropriate material, clickbait, or any other link over which you have no control because your website … Continue reading >>

3 Ways To Rank Higher in Google

It’s 2018, and even though the Internet is here to stay, the way we use it is constantly adapting. The online factors that are important to contractors—how we advertise, how we sell, what search engines we use—these things change with the times. However, even with all the changes … Continue reading >>

Introducing IGTV For Contractors

If you’re a contractor with a marketing plan in 2018, it’s incredibly likely that you’ve long since joined Instagram in order to connect with and inspire your potential clients. In the last couple years, we’ve watched Instagram roll out update after update—some smaller, … Continue reading >>